A Detailed Budget for 5 Days in Paris

detailed budget for 5 days in paris
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I know I’ve posted quite a bit about how even though Paris is commonly known as expensive (and it really can be), you can still do it on a budget. Well, what good is that claim without some real examples. So here I’m including my detailed budget for 5 days in Paris. (Well, 4.5 Days and .5 day of travel to London). These figures don’t include airfare since it can vary so widely. I’ve seen airfare to Paris as cheap as 700.00 and as expensive as 1200.00. It just depends on your travel dates, the airline, and when you book.

The first thing I do when filling up my budget is search for flights and accommodation. Since I’m not including airfare here, I’ll start with Accommodation. I stayed at Hotel Flor Rivoli for 4 nights, which comes to 440.00. I traveled with a friend which automatically allowed me to cut that in half for 220.00. If you are traveling by yourself you can definitely find cheaper hotels and hostels.

Next, you need to think about the activities you want to do while on your trip. Some things you will want to do will cost money and some things you can do on your own. Figure out what your must-sees and dos are and what you’re willing to spend money on. These are things I chose to spend money on in Paris, and the cost of those things.

  • Top of the Eiffel Tower 17.00
  • Top of Arc De Triomphe 9.00
  • Versailles Ticket Entrance 20.25
  • Versaille RER Ticket 10.00
  • Louvre Entrance Ticket – 18.00
  • Total Activity Budget: 74.00.

Everything else I did in Paris was free.

Now that you have your activities and accommodations down. How are you going to get to these places that you want to visit? To save money it’s best to walk and take public transportation. While most places you will want to go will be covered by the Metro at a cheap 1.80 euro per ticket, there may be times when you have to spend a little more on a longer journey or different ticket type. If you’ve read my post about budgeting, you know that most of the time I walk so I do a daily spending budget which encompasses food, shopping, and transportation. Here are my rough transportation costs that were more than your standard ticket. In the final budget, it’s covered under “Daily Spending.”

  • RER Ticket from Airport to Hotel Metro Stop: 11.25
  • RER ticket from Hotel to Paris Gare Nord Train Station upon departure: 11.25

Next, you’re going to need to eat. In Paris I would estimate that with eating food from stands and the grocery store and having a nice mid range dinner, I got by on a food budget of about 35 Euro per day. This might include something like, pastry, fruit, bottle of water for breakfast. a sandwich and drink for lunch, and everything for dinner from gyros on the street to escargot.

So let’s recap

  • Accommodations: 220.00
  • Activities: 75.00
  • Daily Spending: 100.00 a day = 400
  • Total: 695.00

So there you have it folks, almost a week in Paris with more than enough comforts, for under 700.00. Add in some carefully searched airfare and while it’s still not CHEAP – it’s definitely doable.

(If you’re keeping track from my London Budget, for a total trip budget – we’re at 1561.00 without airfare. Keeping that 2500 number in mind, from my “How I budget” post, this leaves a good amount to purchase airfare.)

Check out my Paris/London trip spreadsheet:

Paris_London 2015 (download)


If you’ve been to Paris, what did you find to cost you the most? What were you willing to compromise on?

Image © Hugh O’Neill // Fotolia

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