how to obtain lithuanian dual citizenship
Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Guide

How to Obtain Lithuanian Dual Citizenship: Part 1

September 24, 2015 Nicole 1

There are a few ways you can be eligible for Dual Citizenship to Lithuania. I will include the Lithuanian Consulate’s webpage for more information on each of these ways. For the purpose of this blog […]

Buddha Experience Thailand in 10 Photos

Experience Thailand in 10 Photos

January 30, 2017 Nicole 1

I returned from Thailand with over 1500 photos combined from my DSLR and my phone. It took a very long time to weed through them all, edit my favorites, and select the appropriate ones to […]

Thai Baht

Thailand Budget Breakdown

January 30, 2017 Nicole 3

Most of the places I’ve written about require a relatively high budget. Thailand however, is extremely affordable. I knew Thailand was cheaper, but I didn’t really know how much until I came back extremely under […]


Thailand Itinerary

January 30, 2017 Nicole 0

Planning a trip as short as two weeks in a country like Thailand, with so much to see and do, can be overwhelming. If you need some help getting started .Check out my Thailand Trip […]

Planning a Trip to Thailand? Start Here

Planning a Trip to Thailand? Start Here

January 30, 2017 Nicole 1

The number one question I get is “What made you want to go to Thailand?” and the answer is “I don’t know.” Hah! Seriously though, I think it all started with that standard picture of […]

paris on a budget

Paris on a Budget

March 27, 2016 Nicole 0

It’s common knowledge that Paris is a relatively expensive city. For example, I’ve seen restaurants charge 3.50 Euro for a glass of water with dinner. Hotels can often run very pricey as well, and of […]

Capri & San Gimignano

San Gimignano & Capri: Italy’s Hidden Gems

March 21, 2016 Nicole 0

Italy has no shortage of beautiful countryside and charming villages. Two of my favorite hidden gems in Italy, that most people with limited time probably don’t hit include, San Gimignano & Capri. Each has it’s […]


Detailed London Budget

February 27, 2016 Nicole 1

London is another place where it can be very expensive, but is also doable by using some of the same tricks I used in Paris. (Apparently I’m crazy for going to two very expensive cities […]

where to stay in london

Where to Stay in London?

February 26, 2016 Nicole 0

In my London Zones and Tube Travel post I talk about how London is split up into 6 Zones, and how you can use the Tube to get around. When deciding where to stay in London, […]

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