complete your lithuanian dual citizenship application
Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Guide

How to Complete your Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Application: Part 8

September 24, 2015 Nicole 3

After you’ve obtained all of your necessary documents, translations, Apostilles, etc. It is time to complete your Lithuanian Dual Citizenship application. The application can be found online, here: The application should be filled out in Lithuanian. […]

prepare your application evidence
Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Guide

How to Prepare your Application Evidence: Part 7

September 24, 2015 Nicole 0

By now you should be starting to receive and prepare your application evidence for the Lithuanian Consulate. Since organization is my thing, I had an obscene amount of file folders full of papers and information. However, I had […]

proving your identity
Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Guide

Proving your Identity: Part 6

September 24, 2015 Nicole 0

Proving your identity is extremely easy. You just need to make a photocopy of your valid USA passport. If your name appears differently on your passport than on your drivers license or other documents, you […]

how to obtain lithuanian dual citizenship
Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Guide

How to Obtain Lithuanian Dual Citizenship: Part 1

September 24, 2015 Nicole 1

There are a few ways you can be eligible for Dual Citizenship to Lithuania. I will include the Lithuanian Consulate’s webpage for more information on each of these ways. For the purpose of this blog […]

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