Detailed London Budget

London is another place where it can be very expensive, but is also doable by using some of the same tricks I used in Paris. (Apparently I’m crazy for going to two very expensive cities on the same trip.) Here is my detailed London budget for 2015.

After spending 4.5 Days in Paris I took the Eurostar to London, where I stayed for another 4 days. London was a little bit more expensive in terms of USD, due to the fact that London uses the GPB (Great British Pound) which has an exchange rate of about 1.50, where the Euro is only about 1.09 (at the time of this post.)

Accommodation: In London, I stayed at an Air BnB accomodation. You can read about that experience here. This cost 98 per night.

98 x 4 nights = 392.00/2 (went with a friend) = 196.00

Transportation Eurostar paris to London = 50.00

Food is a bit more expensive in London. I didn’t find a lot “street” vendors, though there were plenty of grocery stores and pubs and I did see a market as well. A great place to go for many cheap and delicious food options though, is Camden. Check out my post on Camden here. and for a very well priced english breakfast check out this post on The Regency cafe.

As I mentioned in my Trip Budgeting 101 post, I like to take a “Daily spending budget” approach. London is one of the cases where I did actually get close to spending all 100.00 each day.

Activities: For my activities in London, I found that the best way to get everything I wanted was to buy a london pass. A london pass cost me 115.00, but included more attractions than I possibly could have visited, and also gave me coupons and fast entry at some places. go to for more information about the London pass.

Transportation: My favorite thing about London is the Tube. It is so easy to use! (Read my post about the Tube here) For the Tube you can buy what is called an Oyster card. You can preload it and swipe it when entering the station instead of purchasing a paper ticket. I bought a preloaded oyster card for 50.00. I ended up adding another 10.00 to it by the end of the trip.

  • 60.00 (transportation)
  • 196.00 (hotel)
  • 50.00 (eurostar train)
  • 400 (daily spending)
  • 115.00 (london pass)
  • 60.00 (transportation/tube)
  • total = 821.00

(If you’re keeping track from my Paris Budget, for a total trip budget – we’re at 1561.00 without airfare. Keeping that 2500 number in mind, from my “How I budget” post, this leaves me with a good amount to purchase airfare.)

Check out my London and Paris Trip Spreadsheet here:

Paris_London 2015Paris_London 2015 (download)



Have you been to London? What are some of your favorite budget friendly restaurants?

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