How to Complete your Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Application: Part 8

complete your lithuanian dual citizenship application

After you’ve obtained all of your necessary documents, translations, Apostilles, etc. It is time to complete your Lithuanian Dual Citizenship application. The application can be found online, here:

The application should be filled out in Lithuanian. I did not write it in English and then pay to have it translated into Lithuanian. The application gives prompts for your answers like “yes or no” “was or was not”.  This makes it pretty easy to fill it out in Lithuanian correctly, even if you are not fluent.

I am not fluent in Lithuanian, so I input each line of the application into Google Translate one “question” at a time. Inputting too many words into google translate often gives you a crazy mis-translated jumble of words with no context. I created my own “English version” so that I would know what the application was asking me. I’ve uploaded a copy of my “English” version here.

Note: THIS IS ONLY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. I DO NOT MAKE ANY CLAIMS REGARDING THE ACCURACY OF THIS DOCUMENT OR ITS TRANSLATIONS. However, my citizenship was approved – so I did not have any problems. Also, make sure you are filling out the the official Lithuanian version of the application, listed on the consulate’s website. You should only be reading the “English version” as a guide to what each line means.

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