How to Obtain Lithuanian Dual Citizenship: Part 1

how to obtain lithuanian dual citizenship

There are a few ways you can be eligible for Dual Citizenship to Lithuania. I will include the Lithuanian Consulate’s webpage for more information on each of these ways. For the purpose of this blog though, I have listed the requirement that I fit under, and the one that will be most common. I’ll tell you how to obtain Lithuanian Dual Citizenship if you’re eligible through ancestry.

In order to be eligible for Dual Citizenship to Lithuania:

  • Either you, yourself must have held citizenship to Lithuania before June 15th 1940. OR you must be a descendant of someone who held citizenship to Lithuania before June 15th 1940. NOTE: You must be within three generations of your ancestor. This means it must be your parent, grandparent, or great grandparent who held citizenship.
  • You or your ancestor must have EITHER been forcibly expelled from Lithuania or willingly left Lithuania to reside permanently in another state, due to resistance of occupation regimes, political or social reasons, or reasons of origin, and acquired citizenship of another state – between the dates of June 15th 1940 and March 11th 1990.

Throughout my research, I have learned that Lithuania allows descendants of these individuals to restore their citizenship – due to the fact that had the war not happened, those individuals would have never left – and therefore I could have been born in Lithuania – and have a right to citizenship. This is why there is a requirement that your ancestor left between those dates. If they had left before June 1940 or after March 1990 – it would not be because of the war.

If you fit either the requirement listed above, or one of the requirements listed on the Lithuanian Consulate webpage, you are eligible for Citizenship Restoration.

Luckily for me, my grandparents escaped Lithuania in about 1946 due to the war. They went to Germany where my aunt and uncle were born, and eventually came to the US where my mother was born.

Once you determine that you are eligible for Dual Citizenship, the next step is proving it.

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