How to Submit your Lithuanian Passport Application: Part 10

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As I mentioned in my last post, I finally received my decision phone call after about 7 months! In this post I’ll go over how to submit your Lithuanian Passport application.

The woman I spoke with at the Consulate gave me the option of either coming in to pick up my decision letter in person and filling out my passport application at the same time; or mailing me my decision letter so that I could come in at a later date.

Since I had just started a new job and wasn’t sure about the days I would be allowed to take off, I opted for them to mail my letter. I received it within a week or so. So the other day I was finally able to make the trip up to the consulate to submit my passport application. Overall it was a very short and simple process. Definitely the shortest of all the steps thus far!

How to Submit your Lithuanian Passport Application:

Of course the Lithuanian Consulate had moved locations since the last time I visited, so finding it was a bit difficult since I was not aware it had even moved. After finally arriving, I rang the bell on the Consulate office’s door and was let in. I was asked for my decision letter, and my US passport. She took a look at those documents briefly, and then had me sign and date a couple of papers. I paid 107.00, and was told to have a seat.

After waiting 15 minutes or so, I was called up to have my picture taken. The Consulate has a machine they use to gather all necessary information, which is nice because you don’t have to pay for passport photos and bring them in. After my picture was taken I placed my two index fingers on the pad for fingerprinting, and then gave a signature. She printed the information from the machine in a from that was basically a copy of what my passport will look like. I signed and dated this copy. The woman let me know that it should be ready in about 2-3 months (the same time as a new US passport.)

She also let me know that I would need to come pick it up in person. I asked if I could have it mailed to me, but she said that in order to do that you must bring a pre-paid and addressed envelope (that day), and the postage must include a tracking number. I wished they had told me that information on the phone so I could have prepared, but since they did not I will need to go pick it up in person. The consulate will give me a call when my passport is ready!

If you want your passport mailed to you, make sure you bring a pre-paid (with tracking #) and addressed envelope when submitting your passport application.

That was really all there is to it! I am now eagerly awaiting February-March for that phone call! I will be sure to post an update and a picture of my new passport once I’ve received it 🙂

Just wanted to provide a very happy update! At the end of January, The Consulate called and let me know my Passport was ready. I had already paid the fees so all I had to do was go in and show my ID. She handed me my Passport and I left beaming. Here it is:

Picture of Lithuanian Passport

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  1. Thanks for all of this extremely useful information! It took roughly 1.5 years to hear back… so patience was essential. There seem to be a lot of attorneys who will “take care of it” for you for a very high price– so great job on making all this information public.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for your detailed posts on this topic. I have used them as a step-by-step guide to go through this process for my family. Thanks to you I feel confident that I have all the papers organized for submission next week. Also, specifically, I used the contact you mentioned from the Balzekas museum for translation, and she has been both prompt and professional to work with. Your information about making sure the cover note is from you (and not your Aunt) was also particularly valuable. Thank you so much for being such a solid resource.

  3. This is incredibly useful information. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to write the procedure up in such detail and with really helpful layout. I am at the very beginning of the process, as a UK citizen with a Lithuanian Jewish grandfather, anxious to keep EU citizenship post-Brexit, so this gives me a really good handle on where to start. It’s encouraging to hear that it is possible to avoid paying huge fees to possibly dodgy web-based services who offer to do it for you.

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