Prove you’re Eligible for Lithuanian Dual Citizenship Part 2

prove you're eligible for lithuanian dual citizenship

After you have determined that you are eligible for Dual Citizenship to Lithuania, based on your ancestors; your next step is to prove you’re eligible for Lithuanian dual citizenship, to the Lithuanian Government. This is where things can get stressful, and can also vary from person to person. Gathering the necessary evidence took me about 4 months in total.

In order to prove to the Lithuanian Government that you’re eligible for Lithuanian Dual Citizenship, you must provide solid evidence via official government documents. The things you must prove to the Lithuanian Government include:

  1. Your ancestor was a valid Lithuanian citizen BEFORE June 15th 1940. (Your ancestor could not have come to Lithuania in 1945, and then left in 1950) Your ancestor must have been a citizen of Lithuania prior to the war)
  2. Your ancestor did not leave Lithuania before 1940 or after 1990. They must have left between these years, due to the war.
  3. You are in fact related to the ancestor in question.
  4. You are who you say you are.

If you are lucky enough that your ancestors are still living, or that you may have their documents, proving your eligibility might be fairly easy. For me however, my grandparents ran from their houses in the middle of the night. My grandmother did not even see her sister again until 1990, after escaping, and both grandparents are now deceased.

Next, I’m going to go through the acceptable ways to prove the four things listed above, and my personal experience with each one. For organization and attention span sake, each number will have its own post. This way you are not bombarded with information . You can choose to read the step you are ready for.

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