Proving a Relationship to your Lithuanian Ancestor: Part 5

relationship to your lithuanian ancestor

Now that you have begun the process of proving your ancestor was a Lithuanian citizen before 1940, you need to prove your relationship to your Lithuanian ancestor. Typically this can be done through a chain of birth certificates. You will have fewer documents to obtain if your ancestry is through your fathers side, since last names do not change. My ancestry is through my mother’s side, so I had to obtain the following documents.

  1. My birth certificate with my mothers name on it
  2. My mother’s birth certificate with my grandparents’ names on it.
  3. A marriage license for my mother and father’s marriage, proving that my mother changed her name – and therefore is the same person on my birth certificate and on her birth certificate.

These items can be obtained from your state offices. Obtaining my mother’s birth certificate was actually really difficult for me. So keep in mind that you could experience unexpected delays. My mother’s name on her birth certificate has the Lithuanian spelling, but on her drivers license it has the American spelling. The state of Illinois did not want to give her a copy of her own birth certificate due to this. There was apparently no “proof” she was the same person. I’m not sure how Illinois even allowed her to put a name that was not on her birth certificate, on her drivers license – but I digress.

I had to make a lot of phone calls and do a lot of pleading to get someone to finally send us a copy of her birth certificate. I ordered multiple copies because of the hassle.

If you were born in Illinois you can go here to learn how to get your birth certificate.

You find information regarding obtaining your birth certificate here if you were born in Indiana like I was.

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