Realizing I was Eligible for Lithuanian Dual Citizenship

eligible for lithuanian dual citizenship

The following is an introduction to my Dual Citizenship Journey. You can feel free to skip this part, as it does not include any information pertinent to Lithuanian Dual Citizenship. Only my own realization about being eligible for Lithuanian Dual Citizenship. If you’d like to skip straight to the information, please begin with Are You Eligible for Lithuanian Dual Citizenship? Part 1

The moment I realized I might be eligible for Lithuanian Dual Citizenship, pretty much everything changed.

I had already spent quite some time traveling and wishing there was a way for me to make a permanent move. Living everyday life in a different country – beyond vacation and tourist attractions, is an experience that very few people get to have, and one that I desperately wanted. Some people study abroad in college, others can be moved due to their professions, and some people, like me, have dual citizenship.

The idea of dual citizenship was surprisingly not an obvious one for me. When I look back on it now, I constantly wonder “how the hell did I not think of this sooner?” It came to me on an ordinary Friday afternoon, eating my lunch inside a Chipotle. I was having lunch with my dad, and the topic must have been Europe or travel in general. Probably about how bad I wished someone would sponsor me so that I could get a job and move. I remember telling my dad about a guy I had worked with for a few years. He had told me before that his grandparents were from Ireland, and that made him eligible to acquire dual citizenship.

Then, in a thoughtless moment of wishful thinking, I uttered the words that, at the time – I didn’t realize were true. “I wonder if I could get dual citizenship to Lithuania, since my grandparents were born there.” Obviously two different countries will have two different sets of rules, but I thought well.. maybe?

Once I had the thought, I couldn’t believe that I had never even considered this. The fact that my grandparents came from Lithuania was not something that was overlooked. My grandparents barely spoke English, and even my friends would harmlessly tease me at the Lithuanian nicknames my grandparents used to call me. With all of the outlets I had explored to live in another country (work visas, holiday visas, sponsorship,etc.) I couldn’t believe I had overlooked the most obvious one!

After lunch I raced back to my office to start my research. Each country is different so while I was excited at the possibility, I had to make sure I was actually eligible. I researched Dual Citizenship, the steps, the requirements, the offices I’d deal with, Lithuanian history, even blogs and comment threads where other people had already done what I was now attempting.

I forwarded countless requirements and questions to my Mother to check if these rules applied to my situation. The more we dug, the more it became clear, that I was actually eligible – if I could prove it.

For those that know me, this was pretty much the beginning of the end. Once I get an idea, or an urge. I will not stop until it’s been satisfied. I am probably the best example of “where there is a will, there is a way.”

Nothing went the way I planned it to go, and it took some time, and a ton of patience (which I do not posses.) But, here are the steps I took to receive my Dual Citizenship to Lithuania. If you are attempting to do the same, I hope that you can use this as a guideline.

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