Thailand Budget Breakdown

Cost breakdown for 16 days in Thailand

Thai Baht

Most of the places I’ve written about require a relatively high budget. Thailand however, is extremely affordable. I knew Thailand was cheaper, but I didn’t really know how much until I came back extremely under budget. 800.00 under budget, to be exact. Here is my 16 day Thailand budget cost breakdown.


The most expensive part about traveling to Thailand was the airfare. However, as of lately I have been seeing some great flight deals for under 500 USD. Staying at hostels will cost you on average 10-30 USD a night, depending on the locations and amenities you seek. At the time of this post, 100 baht is equal to 2.83 USD. As you know, when I do my budget, I tend to purchase everything ahead of time and set a daily spending budget that includes food and extras. Here is the cost break down of my 16-day Thailand budget.

I paid a little more for my airfare because I am impatient and did not want to wait for a deal (sue me.) Therefore, I paid 1,050.00 to fly from Chicago to Bangkok (with a layover in Dubai.) My accommodations are bit tricky because I splurged and spent a lot of money for 4 nights in a beach bungalow. You obviously do not have to do this. My accommodations for all hotels without the beach bungalow, came to 149.00. Had I stayed at an affordable location in Koh Lanta, My total hotel costs would have been about 200.00.


I spent 170.00 to do an all day private tour at Elephant Nature Park. This is the most expensive thing I did my entire trip, and it was worth every penny.  There are cheaper options for this, but find a place that doesn’t let you ride the elephants. It’s not good for them, and often means mistreatment behind the scenes.


I spent a total of 200.00 on transportation between cities This includes:

  • Overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai,
  • Flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi,
  • A speed boat transfer from Koh Lanta to Krabi airport to ensure I made my 10am flight on time
  • and a flight from Krabi back to Bangkok.


Everything else I spent in Thailand came from my daily spending budget. For two weeks, I spent a total of 650.00 on spending.  That 650.00 spending money included daily Thai massages, shopping, a cooking class, all food, and all minor transportation costs.

I also purchased travel insurance for 80.00, just in case I got hurt or sick or lost my camera. I highly recommend it. (Check out if you need travel insurance.)

In total it cost me about 2800 to go to Thailand for 16 days, most of which was airfare. You can definitely improve on that number based on your travel style.

View my budget spreadsheet for Thailand HERE.

Have you been to Thailand? Was it cheaper or more expensive than you imagined?

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