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Planning a trip as short as two weeks in a country like Thailand, with so much to see and do, can be overwhelming. If you need some help getting started .Check out my Thailand Trip Planning Guide. If you have read the Thailand planning guide and want a real-life example, this post will outline the details of my trip. Read on for my detailed 2 week Thailand itinerary.

Logistics Overview:

My planning spreadsheet (linked below) lists the specifics of my trip including flights, budget, accommodations and more. However, it does not capture the actual logistics of execution. So here is a brief overview of that. Scroll to the bottom for the spreadsheet planner.

4 Days – Bangkok:

I left for Thailand on a Friday night at 7pm, and flew 13 hours to Dubai, where I had a 3 hour layover. The layover wasn’t bad, I grabbed some food and found my next gate before flying for 7 hours from Dubai to Bangkok. I landed in Bangkok on Sunday morning at 7am.  I took the MRT, and BTS Skytrain from Bangkok airport to my hostel. I only had to change lines once, the total joinery was like 25 minutes. Easily found my hostel. I spent 3 days in Bangkok.

3 Days – Chiang Mai:

I took the BTS Skytrain and MRT to the train station, to board my overnight train to Chiang Mai. Changed cars once, for a total journey about 15 minutes. I got on my overnight train, they fed me a lot – the food was not very good. I slept, and woke up early in the morning just in time to watch us roll in to Chiang Mai. Lots of beautiful mountains. Arrived in Chiang Mai at about 8:30am. Took a cab from the train station to my hostel. I spent 3 days in Chiang Mai.

2 Days – Krabi:

I took a cab from my hostel in Chiang Mai to the Chiang Mai airport, which was only about 12 minutes away. I got on a plane to Krabi. The flight was around 2 hours, and I slept. I got to Krabi about 1pm, where I took a cab from the Krabi airport to my hotel in Krabi Town. The cab cost me 300 baht, and was about 25 minutes away. I stayed in Krabi town for 2 nights.

4 Days – Koh Lanta

I paid 300 baht for a mini bus transfer from Krabi town to Koh Lanta, which picked me up from my hotel at 10am. This included the cost of the car ferry to Lanta. After a 2 hour journey, I arrived at my beach hotel in Lanta at about 12pm. I stayed in Koh Lanta for 4 days.

2 Days – Journey from Hell

I took a transfer that I pre booked for about 65.00 because needed to make sure I would make my flight on time. The minibus picked me up from my hotel in Koh Lanta at 7am on a Friday morning, drove me to the pier, where I boarded a private Speedboat transfer. It was myself and one other person who booked this transfer. We took the speed boat from Koh Lanta to Krabi, and drove back to Krabi airport. The total journey was about an hour and 15 minutes.

Next I had an hour long flight from Krabi back to Bangkok. My flight was delayed 1 hour. Originally, I had booked a hotel to stay in for the day in Bangkok, because my flight home was not until 8pm. Due to my flight delay, I didnt think it was worth it to leave the airport and have to return just a few hours later. So I arrived at the Bangkok airport at about 12pm. My flight was delayed 2 hours. I finally boarded my flight at about 10pm, from Bangkok to Dubai. It took about 7 hours.

I had an 8 hour layover in Dubai. Landed there at about 1am, my flight to Chicago was scheduled for 9am. Guess What? Delayed 1 hour. I finally boarded my flight from Dubai to Chicago, which took 14 hours. I arrived in Chicago at about 4pm Saturday, with incredibly swollen feet (a first for me) and then slept for 3 years.

In all seriousness though, that journey was horrible. So do it better than me when you go. I’m insane. (Was still worth it.)

Detailed Itinerary:

HERE is my complete and detailed spreadsheet planner for my trip to Thailand.

How do you plan your trips, or do you? What tools do you use?

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